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Celebrating Motherhood

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What we do!

We are the tribe. A tribe that was there from the beginning & will be there forever. We are called MOMs. Apart from what you know we do, We can do so much more. Just witness it here.

We Share.

We share everything here from very personal stuff just like how you open up with your best friend, your mom.

After all, we are Moms. Remember!

We Listen.

We are very good listeners, and we listen to every one of you and if you are a mom, you are a good listener too.

Ask your Mom.

We Discuss.

Once we listen, we opine & we discuss every god damn possibility, funny, silly, meaningless or could turn out to be a life savior.

Talk to us.

Need An Advice?

Everything you love comes with problems as well. The tribe is always there to listen to, talk to & share the pain, joy & responsibilities for you. You just let us know.


Have a 'MOM'ent?

The best relations always comes with best to remember for life. You cherish those memories for life. Your cherished memories with your children, husband, in-laws & parents to be shared with the tribe here.


Shaheena Kowsar - Fabee.Club

Shaheena Kowsar

Our Esteemed Fabee


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Yasin Akram - Fabee.Club

Yasin Akram

Our Esteemed Fabee


Meet the Fabee

Start a conversation by connecting with them.

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While the world is busy beating the trends, here are the #moms creating the trends. Follow & hear what they have to say.

Join the journey to the centre of Motherhood.


From Chhattisgarh to Andhra Pradesh, My story is no less than a movie script written in my own hands.

It was different in the first quarter being the most pampered youngest child of 3 in a very middle-class family to the 2nd quarter as a responsible wife, a mother of the world’s best boy & accompanied by most friendly in-laws who basically encourages education, especially Girl-Education which might be one of the reasons I couldn’t stop dreaming about my career & start as an entrepreneur even after marriage & having kids.

Fatima Mustaqh

Fatima Mustaqh

Founder Fabee

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