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From Chhattisgarh to Andhra Pradesh, My story is no less than a movie script written in my own hands.

I married the man whom I loved, Mustaqh Ali Shaik who has been a great support throughout my journey even before our marriage. He was an entrepreneur himself with multiple upcoming startups. Being an MBA in HR & Marketing, I was just exposed to less than 25% of the corporate world while working in my hometown in a few hospitals & I would have not grown interested in entrepreneurship if it was not for him.

It was different in the first quarter being the most pampered youngest child of 3 in a very middle-class family to the 2nd quarter as a responsible wife, a mother of the world’s best boy & accompanied by most friendly in-laws who basically encourages education, especially Girl-Education which might be one of the reasons I couldn’t stop dreaming about my career & start as an entrepreneur even after marriage & having kids.

On 23rd Feb 2020, we are blessed with a baby boy who changed my perception, my career & future forever. While spending time with my son, Asher Unique, there were a lot of incidents whom I call ‘MOM’ents that were meant to be treasured forever which was the base for this community to kickoff.

Fatima Mustaqh Love
Fatima Mustaqh Love

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